我公司是专业空运,海空联运的一级航空代理,多家航空公司的直接签约代理!青岛 NH(欧美),CA(欧美/东南亚),BR(东南亚)等,北京: AA(美线),PR(美国/加拿大),DL(美线),LH(欧线),CZ(欧线),AF/KL(欧线),SU(欧线),RU(欧线),EY(中东/非洲)等航空优势明显!业务辐射山东,北京,天津,大连,郑州等均可提供专业空运代理服务!
我司威海,烟台,青岛,天津,大连,上海,辐射全国各地的海空联运服 务,为您提供多方位的选择!韩国代理JL、AY、LH、NH、PR、MS 等货运航空公司多年来保 持着紧密的合作关系,淡季推出优惠价格,旺季保证舱位。

1、美国FEDEX专线-6000-美森快船 已截单 节后恢复 请知悉

2、美国FEDEX专线海运(长荣船)明天装柜 定提服务 (开船后15-17个自然日提取)

3、欧美空海派专线 明日下午3点之前 请处理好问题件 避免错过截单时间

4、今晚正常收货至凌晨两点,之后的请提前留言 谢谢

., is approved by the State Ministry of transportation and the establishment of an international freight forwarding company, professional agent container and bulk cargo business.

Business fields, including container, open top, frame and various bulk cargo (such as trucks, excavators, wood, steel, ore, coal and large mechanical equipment and engineering project etc.) import and export transportation and customs agents, and chartering package module, customs bonded supervision, ship trading, independent third square test, maritime consulting business. With professional reinforcement, the terminal services team, especially for the import and export business of st2eel large machinery, to provide you with professional transport services.

Service network throughout the world, especially in Japan and South Korea, central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, the Red Sea and other route has a strong advantage. At home and abroad more than bulk ship / ship owners, charterers, container shipping company has established good cooperative relations, and has several world famous shipping companies signed a total generation shipping agreement. In Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo, Lianyungang, Rizhao and other coastal ports have business agent, for customers in the global scope to establish a good management and service network. To provide a great convenience for the international trade related matters, to achieve a win-win situation with customers, a good reputation in the maritime sector.
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